Gross Anatomy, I’d Say So



This email alert just came to me from UAA (bold formatting mine):

UAA Campus Community:

Respect is an important value at UAA and safety is our highest priority. For those reasons, we are compelled to inform you that an inappropriate incident involving a female cadaver occurred in the Health Sciences Building’s Gross Anatomy Lab sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. In addition, an act of vandalism to building furniture occurred Wednesday afternoon in the same building.

Criminal investigations are underway and additional security measures were implemented immediately.

Students and staff should take appropriate precautions, including extra vigilance, avoiding isolated areas of buildings, working and traveling in groups or seeking escorts at night.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the University Police Department at 786-1120.

Thank you.


I guess that’s what one might expect in a “Gross Anatomy Lab”.


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