I know APOC is probably busy….

APOC logo… but you’d think they could give someone a response to a serious inquiry within at least a week’s time. Never have I longed so much for at least a canned robo-response, or maybe even an Out-of-Office Reply.

I sent the following to APOC on October 29 (one week ago today):

I’m trying to find out more information about a new PAC that has formed in Alaska. I searched the APOC database but couldn’t find anything. If the group, Liberty for Alaskans, are registered with APOC can you help me figure out how to review their report/disclosure information? They are requesting contributions at this website: http://alaskatalksliberty.com/content/donate-liberty-alaskans

Thank you for your assistance.

I sent the email to apoc@alaska.gov, which is the general email address listed on their “Contact Us” page. I suppose I could have filed a formal complaint, but I’m not sure if I even have one at this point.

Liberty For Alaskans is apparently a new political action committee that was recently formed by Russ Millette, which I’m assuming is the same Russ Millette that was recently elected to serve as the Alaska Republican Party’s chairperson. It’s my understanding of the structure of the Alaskan Republican Party that incoming party chairpersons immediately take over as the party’s Finance chair during the time that the outgoing party chair’s term is expiring. Their job is to learn how the party functions, as well as fund-raise for the party. Because of this, I found it peculiar that Russ Millette would be forming a PAC. It seems like all of his fundraising efforts would be focused on filling the AK GOP coffers. I mean, it is a fairly extreme election year this time around, which every legislative seat up for grabs (minus Senator Egan), and candidates all up and down the ballot.

So, if you know anything about this PAC drop me a line or leave a comment. I’ll let you know if APOC is ever bothered to respond.

************* UPDATE *************
I did receive a response from APOC (two separate responses, actually). The first response was more general and stated that the group was not registered with APOC but that it wasn’t clear if they were actually engaging in election activities. I replied with some specific questions about APOC regulations and how they might apply. I received a more thorough, and very polite, follow-up response that basically stated that the group needs to be registered before dispersing any funds in an effort to influence an election.

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