Alaska Democratic Party Should Denounce Michelle Scannell

Michelle Scannell, state house candidate (District 20) running against incumbent Representative Mia Costello, created a little bit of a buzz with a tweet and a blog post last week.

The tweet linked to a post on Scannell’s campaign blog, where she elaborated on the “on her knees” comment, in a post called “Happy Alaska Day“.

My opponent is bought and paid-for by outside resource extractors who aren’t interested in what’s best for Alaska.  They want a partner like Mia.  Like a vassal hauled before the king to kiss the ring, she is willing, compliant, and on her knees, ready to submit.

Scannell told KTVA that she did nothing wrong and that there was no innuendo implied in her tweet or blog post. I find that difficult to believe. Does she and anyone involved in her campaign really expect you to believe that this is just an accidental double entendre? Maybe she’s innocent and it’s just the people that inferred she was lacing her remarks with sexual connotations that have the dirty minds. Maybe. But I don’t think so.

In another Scannell blog post, here’s how she talks about a recent debate she had with Representative Costello (the arrogance in the post speaks volumes about Scannell, but that’s not the point right now):

We last saw Mia Costello hobbling-out of yesterday’s Sand Lake Smackdown at KSKA, crying on the inside after sustaining a humiliating verbal horsewhipping from me during our half hour debate.  After giving my opponent such a thorough thrashing, you’d think Mia would know when to fold ‘em.  You would be wrong.

Accompanying the blog post was an attempt to load an image of Rep. Costello. I say “attempt”, because whoever posts content to Scannell’s website (Scannell herself?) doesn’t realize that .tiff file extensions aren’t native to common web browsers, so viewers would just see the broken image, like so:

Broken image on Scannell's website

The alt-text (used for text-only browsers, such as for the visually impaired), “What was I thinking?” had me curious what the photo was supposed to be. I checked to see what filename was being linked to and was shocked with what I saw:

Screenshot showing the offensive filename Scannell used for a picture of Costello.

The image of Rep. Costello that Scannell uploaded to her website was named:

Mia Nasty Herpes Scar

The image they intended to show was this:

Mia image from Scannell's website.

This is the image that the Scannell campaign named “mianastyherpesscar”.

I can tell by the names of the folders on Scannell’s blog that she uses WordPress as her blog-posting platform. I point this out because it’s the same platform I use and I’m very familiar with how it works. When you upload an image, you are shown the current filename of the image and given the opportunity to change it. Either Scannell or her webmaster uploaded the image with that name already given to it (she/they would have seen it when browsing to it to upload and again after it was uploaded) or it had a different filename and they re-named it to that after it was uploaded.

At the very least, the Scannell campaign knowingly uploaded the image with that filename. At the worst, they gave it that name.

There really does appear to be a pattern here, and it’s not that the Alaskan people just have dirty minds and are inferring something Scannell never intended.

This type of campaign is totally unacceptable in Alaska and the Alaska Democratic Party should pull any support they might be providing Scannell’s campaign. I do not believe this is the type of campaign that the Alaska Democratic Party (or the Alaska Republican Party) stands for, and as such, they should come out an denounce it.

UPDATE: The Scannell campaign changed the name of the file. It now reads “miaguffaw”. They still haven’t fixed the .tiff problem — and I even gave them a .jpg they could use right here! Now that step one (removing that terrible title) is complete, step two is an apology to Rep. Costello. If Michelle Scannell would like, I’d be happy to publish her apology right here.

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