Watch this video. You won’t regret it.

Stories like this tend to send my mind racing and I start asking myself so many questions that I wish I had the answers to.

It’s amazing that civilizations like this still exist on our planet. As our society careens through the cloud of technology that shrinks our world a little smaller each day, we find ourselves too connected… too engaged in an electronic spiderweb of communication, that we forget about or are oblivious to those that aren’t. We’re watching the reactions of a tribe — a tribe we don’t even have a name for, let alone know the name they might call themselves — as they look up at an airplane containing a videographer with an ultra-zoom lens. Surely, they’ve seen commercial jetliners fly overhead, especially in the night sky, but an airplane with distinguishable features and at a much closer distance must be quite a peculiar, if not terrifying, experience for them.

I want to contact them. I want to know about their mythology, and what their view of the world is. I want to know what they believe exists outside of their remote piece of Amazon. I want to know what they think of the bright and noisy objects that fly in the sky.

But most of all, I want to preserve them.

Each day, thousands of acres of Amazon rainforest are destroyed; destroying the ecology, altering the global climate, and displacing people from the homelands they’ve lived in harmony with for thousands of years.

These civilizations are gems on this planet… gems that should go un-mined.

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