Mount Stevens (with bonus Ted Stevens Icefield)

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Above was the highest unnamed peak in Alaska, until October 18, when President Obama signed Senate Bill 3802 (Mount Stevens and Ted Stevens Icefield Designation Act into law).

The act was sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski, and co-sponsored by Senator Mark Begich. It passed the United States Senate by unanimous consent on September 27, went to the House and was passed on September 30.

Senator Ted Stevens passed away in a plane crash this summer. All across the state, Alaskans mourned the loss of Uncle Ted. Whether a Democrat, Republican, or somewhere in-between (or something else altogether), Alaskans appreciated what “Uncle Ted” did for our state. Even amidst guilty verdicts on corruption charges (later overturned by the Justice Department due to prosecutorial misconduct), people appealed, “Even if he did a little something for himself, he did a whole hell of a lot for Alaska!”

Alaskan hearts are still sensitive to our loss, and mentioning the corruption case is considered blasphemous to many Alaskans. To be sure, the corruption episode will fade from most memories and Ted Stevens’ legacy will shine bright for the future generations of Alaskans.

Uncle Ted, the fearless fighter for the last frontier.

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